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Bio and Published Work

Lives & works in New York, NY
Hometown Minnetonka, MN


Has lived in: Georgia, Minnesota, Kansas, Israel, Hawaii, and New York

Expressing myself through visual arts, language, and music has been a way of life for me since before an age of true cognition. I come from a musical family, a family of teachers of many things - English, Drama, Civics, Law. I come from musical theater hippie parents and arts and crafts babysitters. I come from a childhood of tragedy that manifested into a need to express my grief and curiosity to the world. I started writing poetry before I could properly spell the words with which I toyed. I started painting and finding any artistic medium I could get my hands on before I was in double digits. As a baby of the 90's and the youngest in my family, I was the quickest to learn new technologies and soon used Paint to create graphic art before I knew graphic art was an actual hobby or career. I learned so much through wordplay and design. Alliteration, allegory, and juxtaposition were among my favorite concepts and I challenged myself to apply them in my art and my writing.


I sold my first art pieces in high school. I started participating in arts and writing programs outside of my regular schooling. High school also gave me the opportunity to learn American Sign Language, which was a whole new form of expression with which I immediately connected and excelled. It felt like using my face and body as a visual form of poetry. I continued to study ASL throughout college while I was earning my degree in English, taking the Creative Writing track. My teachers always saw my potential and helped me hone my skills in my various areas of interest, but it was often outside of the structured courses that I produced my most evocative work. As my edification continued, so did my style begin to take root. I started regularly selling painted glass on consignment and tutored others to improve their writing. I once won an art competition I had learned about only a couple days before submissions were due. After college, I saw a demand for web design that suited me and wrote the occasional article, but my creative juices weren't flowing as they had been before.


It wasn't until a few years later that I started really writing and designing again. My sister and I planned a volunteer road trip to spread healthy smiles across the country, and it inspired me to write creatively about our experiences with people we love and the many strangers we came across and hoped to empower and help heal. Time passed again, and life's unpredictability has steered me to and from my passion for words and esthetics. Now I paint and create as an outlet for my restlessness, but every once in a while, I find something people are interested in and sell my crafts as a side hustle. I love to let my mind doodle with words and paint, but I also love rising to the challenge of giving a customer exactly what it is they want. While I continue to strive to find a career that I am passionate about, this business allows me that great satisfaction. I am not an artist or wordsmith by trade, but I am an artist and wordsmith to the deepest core of my being. 

Writing Publications

2008 - 2012

The University of Kansas




Artistic Contributions
& Publications


Created original book cover designs for Laughter Doodles series by Sarah Routman



Created original book cover illustration and design for Slice of Life by Stanley Blum



Contributed painted page to Maccabi ArtsFest book chosen by Arthur Jaffe for Jaffe Book Art Collection



Written Publications


Short Story Contribution to upcoming anthology Thoughts and Prayer’s for Those Experiencing Loss compiled by Kathryn Holmes


February 2014

"The Last Five Years" at MJTC, An Emotional Rollercoaster


July 2013

More Than Meets the Eye: A Jew of Many Colors


December 2012

Elf The Broadway Musical - A Christmas Extravaganza!


November 2012

Sebastian Joe's Has a New Bacon Flavored Ice Cream




Crafts for Sale


Handmade greeting cards


Website design, business cards, logos


Hand-painted glass

En-Rout: Miles of Smiles Blog


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